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Kobe’s for the Bird, James not concerned.

A question was asked while being interviewed by Bill Simons  of Boston Celtics legend Larry Brid who he would rather play with Labron James or Kobe Bryant. Birds response “Kobe Bryant “. This shocked more then a few people but if you stop to think about  it it makes sense as pionted out by Labron James “Kobe has 5 rings, I have none . I bet if I had 5 rings it would be the other way around. ” well put Labron well put .

Super model Bundchen drops F bomb over Pat’s superbowl dropped balls.

Following the  New England Patriots 21 -17 superbowl loss to the NY Giants, super model Gisele Bundchen wife of  losing QB Tom Brady was caught on video slamming the wide recievers for the NE Patriots. Bundchen while waiting for an elevator being heckled by Giants fan leaving Lucas Oil Stadium is caught saying ” my husband can not fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times .”  Video of Bundchen’s out burst can be viewed on

Who’s Better ?

Okay this is a little segment I like to call “Who’s Better “. In this segment I will compare two athletes who compete in the same sport give you a few facts to chew on, give you my opinion, tell you who I think is better and the see what you think and who you pick.

So here we go who is better?

Eli Manning or Big Ben Roethlisberger ?

They both were drafted in the first round off the 2004 draft. Eli was drafted #1 over all by the Chargers traded to the Giants and Big Ben was drafted #11 by the Steelers. Both have won two superbowls , Eli winning superbowls XLII & XLVI . Ben winning  superbowls XL & XLIII. Both have got two probowls under their belts.

Career stats side by side

Has completed 2291 passes
Has  attempted 3921
Completing 58.4 %
Sacked 194

Big Ben
Has completed 2090 passes
Has attempted 3313
Completing 63.1%
sacked 314

Okay in these stats we see they are very close and very comparable too one and other. Ben edges Eli when it comes to completion % with a comp % of 63.1%.

Now lets compare TD’s to INT’s

Career  TD’s 185 , INT’s 129
2012 season TD’s 29, INT’s 16 

Career TD’s 165, INT’s 100
2012 season TD’S 21, INT’S 14

Eli has 8 More TD’s and 2 more picks than Ben in ’12 but for the career Eli has 29 more picks and 20 more TD’s. So because of the picks I give it to Ben there as well

Eli has a QB rating of 82.1%
Ben’s QB rating is 92.1%

Edge Ben

And last lets see how many yards each has thrown this year and for their careers

For the ’12 season 4933 yards
For his career 27579

For the ’12 season 4077
For his career 26579

Eli edges Ben by 1000 yards
Advantage Eli

So Ben clearly has been better than Eli in two of the three platforms of comparison, and even though they are both very close in overall stats Ben has had less talent on his offensive line and has had a harder road to travel and yet is still so close in overall stats there for my choice for “Who’s Better ” is Ben Roethlisberger .

Now folks it is your turn make you argue ments and let me know “Who’s Better “

After the superbowl

So I am sure by now most people have seen the video of New England patriots TE Rob Gronk dancing it up after New England had just lost 17 -21 to the NY Giants. Now call me crazy but I see nothing wrong with this folks. I think he needed to blow some steam off after a long season that ended with a hard loss to a team that beat the Patriots not that long ago. I am sure the pressure on the the Patriots players was so high because it was a rematch. Listen folks lets say you worked all year on something for your job and when it comes time to present all your hard work, and Sally the person whos idea beat your idea when presented to the boss the last time your had a chance to present it was there yet again to compete with you and your current idea wouldn’t you feel pressure? Now lets say Sally does it again and wins out over you don’t you think after the office closes that you may go grab a few cocktails and try to blow off some steam. I saygive the guy a break he is after all a person with a family and feelings too . Common sense folks common sense.

Hello and welcome to the Burris sports report

Here we go folks this blog is going to be dedicated to bring you up to date sports news with my brand of sarcasm and opinions injected for a true blue collar feel. So with that lets get this show going